Best Bars To Watch Fireworks July 4Th In Dallas

As fascinating as a famous hat can be, in some ways the real star of the Old Red Museum is the Old Red Courthouse that houses it. Built in 1892, it is a lovely building, and the restoration work done on it is impressive. Tours of the Old Red Courthouse are free with admission to the Old Red Museum, and I highly recommend taking one. Also, ask an employee in the Gift Shop to let you have a look at the restored vault. It’s pretty nifty.

Only the Lonely This was the first major hit for singer Roy Orbison. Recorded in 1961, it was an operatic ballad. A sound unheard of at that time in the music era.

There are many things the city of Dallas may be known for, including big hair, plastic surgery (“yeah, we are KING/QUEEN here!”). even bigger personalities, oil tycoons, and J.R. Ewing, but in the spirit of marketing and TV mogul Oprah Winfrey, this one thing I know is true: the Dallas area ROCKS when it comes to play festivals!

Canary Wireless Hotspotter: This one’s for the guy who can’t live without his wireless connection. It’s a bit geeky, but he’ll love it when he’s in a small town in Greece and having trouble finding a Wi-Fi signal. With a single click of a button, the Hotspotter will find up to 20 Wi-Fi networks and give you their signal strengths and everything else you need to know to get connected. We learned about this gadget from a tech geek we know. The only thing he doesn’t like about it is that everyone he meets on his travels bugs him to find Wi-Fi connections for them.

EnerG iPhone Case: If he doesn’t have an iPhone, then you may have to add one of those to his gift list, but if he does, he will probably break into tears when he opens this great gadget. The EnerG iPhone case contains a built-in lithium battery that extends the time between iPhone recharges by up to 13 hours. This gives him plenty of battery life to watch movies in flight, use Google maps to find his way around Florence or London or talk to you on the phone while he’s traveling.

Oak St. Drafthouse, Denton – 7 p.m. – Brew School featuring Four Corners. Admission price of gets you a t-shirt, brewery samples, glassware, 2 full pours and finger food. Call 940-435-0404 to reserve.

A traveling man knows no end, here and there, on and on, he keeps on going. The express train passes by, no stoppage, the traveling man is on board. Next stop the train passes, till it reaches its destination.

Some people can not afford a computer, or afford internet service. Even with a price like .00 a month a man might have so little money that he can not get internet service. If his bank suddenly decided to have electronic only, cause of the little amount of paper accounts. Then he would would be cut off from the bank statement service.