Spokane Prop 1


The purpose of SpokaneProp1.com is to review this “Worker’s Bill of Rights”, which is created by a Spokane Non-Profit Organization called Envision Spokane.

What prompted the creation of this website was a recent online story published by the Spokesman Review, which you can read here:

Spokane Prop 1
Anonymous calls out Envision Spokane Prop 1


Feel free to read the article on the spokesman.com website. The story is not written very well, is automatically slanted against the videos and doesn’t address any of the facts. It is critical of the videos, which is a good thing, but focusing only on what is wrong with the videos is not journalism by any stretch of the imagination


The first video in the article titled, “Spokane Prop 1 Exposes Envision Spokane!,” is here:

In the first video, the first part of it addresses the fact that Envision Spokane, a local non-profit organization is responsible for pushing Spokane Prop 1, which is a “Worker’s Bill of Rights.” The video shows that an attorney named Thomas Linzey appears to be the “brains” behind Prop 1 and Envision Spokane. Linzey is shown commenting about people’s concerns about violating people’s Constitutional Rights when it comes to his style of activism and he says, “Fuck it, it’s time.”

The second part of this video shows several Spokane City Council Members, candidates and Shar Lichty, the Democratic Mayoral Candidate, who support Envision Spokane Prop 1 and therefore support the violation of people’s Constitutional Rights, according to the video.

The third part of the video shows Mayor David Condon, other Spokane City Council Members and candidates who are opposing Envision Spokane Prop 1 and therefore support protecting people’s Constitutional Rights, according to the video’s claims.


  • Thomas Linzey is indeed with the defense fund group, which appears to be the primary advisor to Envision Spokane. The video shows this fact in a recording, which sequentially goes from one website to another to show the connection. FACT – Thomas Linzey is the advisor to Envision Spokane.
  • Thomas Linzey discusses a conversation with some activists who are consulting him. They wanted to raise awareness about fracking in their community and Linzey advises them to pass a law that would prohibit financial institutions from financing for fracking operations in their area. He quotes the activists as having a concern about violating Constitutional Rights and Linzey’s response is, “Fuck it, it’s time.” FACT – Thomas Linzey does say “Fuck it, it’s time” in response to his clients concerns about violating Constitutional Rights. 


The second video in the article titled, “Spokane Prop 1 message from Anonymous,” is here:

In the second video, it is a brief video from Anonymous. The Spokesman Review article is very convoluted as to what the message of this video actually is, but it is very simple. First, it says that Envision Spokane Prop 1 bill will hurt honest businesses. Second, it says that the “honorable way” to defeat corporate rule is by passing laws that prevent corporations from donating to campaigns. That is definitely a very liberal and Democratic viewpoint.

SUMMARY – We encourage the creator of the first video listed above to either remove it or correct it to accurately reflect who supports Prop 1 and who opposes it. Please see our menu links for an in depth review of Envision Spokane Prop 1. This homepage is simply to address these two videos, which brought the controversy about Spokane Prop 1 to our attention.

SOURCE OF VIDEOS – The Spokesman Review article referenced above lists the YouTube channel owned by “Normal Spokane.” It is available here: Spokane Prop 1 Videos

DISCLAIMER: This website is not owned by any government agency and is privately owned.

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